Nokia Asha 200 Charging Problem Repair Ways Solution

Hardware method to solve Nokia Asha 200 Charging Problem. which is known to be one of the most successful phone of Nokia Asha range. Normally nokia asha 200 doesn’t encounter much problem, but if it does there is always a solution.

Following are the Nokia Asha 200 Charging problems that you may encounter:


  • You Encounter Not Charging Warning / Notification Pop – Up.
  • Phone heats up while charging. (This happens when any components gets short).
  • Mobile shows Changing but battery percent not increasing means Fake Charging.
  • when we insert Charger No Response in mobile.
Let’s move towards Manual and Hardware solution of charging problem in Asha 200.

Manual Solution

  • Change Nokia Asha 200 charger and Check.
  • Check any other battery in your Asha 200.

Hardware Solution

  • Clean dust on charging connector, you can do that simply with the help of a brush.
Nokia Asha 200 Charging Jack
  • Check whether the Charging pin in connector is in good shape or not. In order to verify, check voltage at the + & - pin and it should be 5V. If it isn’t then it means that the pin is broken from inside. You can check it after connecting charger.
  • If the Pin is broken, change the Pin and Check voltage again.
Nokia Asha 200 Charging Voltage Problem
  • Now verify the connection between Charging connector’s + pin to Fuse,IC, Capacitor and Transistor. If it is broken, place Jumper.
Nokia Asha 200 Charging Ways Solution
  • Now check R2210, R2220 Resistor and V2205 Transistor with the help of a multi meter. If it is damaged, replace it.
Nokia Asha 200 Charging Problem
  • If everything else fails, gently heat D3100 IC. If it is still not working, replace it.
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