Samsung C3322 Display Lighting Problem Repair Solution

Samsung C3322 display lighting or dark screen display but the incoming call's & Keypad tone are working. This problem is cause by the backlight LED on the LCD that is not working or doesn't light up.
One of the issues that have been found in Samsung C3322 is the display lighting problem.

Following are the most common Samsung C3322 Lighting problems that one might encounter, these include:
  • Blank Display
  • Display light blinking
  • Dim Display Lighting
If your Samsung C3322 is encountering any such problems then all you have to do is to go with these manual as well as hardware fixes, as they will be able to solve your C3322 display lighting issue in the best possible manner. So let’s begin with,

Manual Solutions of Samsung C3322 Display Lighting Problems

  • Remove battery & re-insert it again and check.
  • Remove Memory card & Sim card and check.
  • Make sure your battery is full or try with another full charged battery.

Hardware Solutions of Samsung C3322 Dsiplay Lighing Problems

  • Clean Display jack and onboard HDC300 display connector and check.
  • If the above method doesn’t work then reheat or re-solder all the connectors and components on board of Display jack.
  • Connect any other Good Display in order to verify the problem, whether it is with your Display or connector.
  • Remove and re-fix Lighing Q301 Transistor, if it doesn’t work then replace it. If you don’t have any other Lighing Q301 Transistor with you then you can take transistor in Nokia 1600 transistor in lighting section, it will work just fine.
If you have further Questions please leave a comment.
Note: Please note that even though every solution posted on our website is tested by one or more members of our team before posting, but still we do not take any responsibility for any damage it may cause to your cell phones. Use these repairing solutions at your own risk. Thank You

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